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American Caviar Company Brings Freshness to Tainted Imported Caviar Industry
The Little Pearl(TM) Caviar Delivers Uncompromised Freshness to U.S. Market

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BOSTON, Dec. 6 /PRNewswire/ -- The Little Pearl(TM), the leading national seller of American Caviar -- the freshest caviar in the world -- wants to let you in on a rarely talked about secret among caviar aficionados. American is better. Harvested from pristine well-water farms and wild fisheries American caviar is free of the pollutants found in the tainted waters of the Caspian, Volga and Black Sea of the imported variety. Rich Brauman, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of The Little Pearl, and an active environmentalist, has patents pending on an aquaculture system he developed for harvesting fish in the most humane way possible. Brauman works with members of Seafood Choices Alliance, a group supplying positive alternatives to imported caviar, "to do everything possible to make the product safe, cruelty free and sustainable." Brauman acknowledges that "not everyone is going to be a caviar eater, but most people who were hesitant about American Caviar are surprised to find how much they like ours." The Little Pearl is cultivating an American caviar culture in the U.S. that has caviar enthusiasts taking notice. American Caviar is making its way to the dining table because it offers a delectable break from the ordinary that creates an extraordinary, trendsetting experience. One reason for this growing trend is the exceptional pureness and sophisticated character of the Americana Caviar experience itself. The hottest restaurants are taking notice and have already begun to incorporate American Caviar into their cuisine. Chef Michael LaScola of American Seasons, arguably the best restaurant on Nantucket Island and well known for its New England seafood and innovative American cuisine, features The Little Pearl American Caviar on its menu "because you can taste the freshness." Continues LaScola, "Serving The Little Pearl means we don't have to worry about the food safety concerns plaguing the import industry because we know their American caviar is always unsurpassed in freshness and in taste." No Trade barrier considerations. Imported caviar, traditionally from Russia and Iran, has virtually eliminated several species of fish from the Caspian Sea region, forcing a U.S. import ban on Beluga imports in early 2006. Without the black market and trade barriers of concern and the proximity to the U.S. Market, The Little Pearl is able to harvest from species that have been ignored for over 100 years to deliver the freshest American caviar, including exclusive Transmontanus Rex(TM) White Sturgeon -- The Little Pearl's American answer to imported Beluga. The Little Pearl's American Caviar is available in five types: Wild Alaskan Keta Salmon, Cultured Rainbow Trout, Spoonbill Paddlefish, Wild Caught American Sturgeon and Transmontanus Rex(TM) White Sturgeon and is currently available at gourmet grocery stores and online at About The Little Pearl The Little Pearl is the leading national seller of American Caviar -- the freshest caviar in the world. The Little Pearl's American Caviar has emerged as one of the hottest products among the trend-setting crowd, a younger, hipper demographic than the traditional caviar consumer. The Little Pearl's American caviar is available in five categories: Salmon, Trout, Spoonbill Paddlefish, Hackleback Sturgeon and Transmontanus Rex(TM) White Sturgeon, The Little Pearl's American answer to imported Beluga. The Little Pearl is a privately held company headquartered in Somerville, Massachusetts. For more information, visit or call 1-888-61-Blini (1-888-612-5464). Contact: Kel Kelly Kel & Partners 508.366.2099, ext. 111 SOURCE Little Pearl


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