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Hughes Global Services to Provide Satellite to Pakistan
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EL SEGUNDO, Calif., Aug. 6 /PRNewswire/ -- Hughes Global Services, Inc. (HGS), and the Government of Pakistan jointly announced today an agreement to place the HGS-3 satellite at 38 Degrees East Longitude and begin offering commercial services by early next year. The satellite has been renamed Paksat 1 and represents the first geostationary satellite put into service by Pakistan. Paksat 1 was originally launched in 1996 as Palapa C1. Hughes Global Services took title to the satellite after a battery-charging anomaly made it unusable for its intended application. It is fully geo-stationary, and contains more than 30 C-Band and Ku-Band transponders. HGS will assist Pakistan to fully develop the potential of their orbital slot, as well as moving the satellite and operating it. Paksat 1 will provide commercial services such as Internet backbone, remote Internet access, business communications, broadcast services (video, audio and data), and thin route telephony. "Pakistan is getting a very capable satellite to initiate their commercial communications services business," said Don Gonzales, president of HGS, "and we're very pleased to be able to partner with them in this endeavor." The contract value is nearly US $30M over its five-year term. Hughes Global Services (HGS) provides one-stop shopping for satellite communications solutions in niche and underserved markets. HGS has provided services to over 130 customers in more than 70 countries worldwide. HGS ( ) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Hughes Electronics Corporation, a world-leading provider of digital television entertainment, broadband services, and global video and data broadcasting. HUGHES is a unit of General Motors Corporation. The earnings of HUGHES are used to calculate the earnings per share of the General Motors Class H common stock (NYSE: GMH). (C) 2002 Hughes Global Services, Inc. All rights reserved. MAKE YOUR OPINION COUNT - Click Here SOURCE Hughes Electronics Corporation


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